Bastides mòbils en alumini. Aplicacions professionals.

Good stability

  • No need for counterweight in the central assembly in confined spaces.

1. Passage space

  • Secure the passage space with a tape.
  • No locks and easy to use from the top and bottom thanks to the plastic pin.

2. Platforms

  • The platforms can be hung on all the steps, also at the same height as the diagonals.
  • Platform assembly for one person: the safety hooks also adapt when open.
  • Screw-on platform suspension hooks for easy repairs.

3. Racks

  • Solid frames welded 49mm in diameter in straps and crossbars.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of parts using steel sleeves, without locking in the aluminium tubes.

4. Horizontal and diagonal braces

  • Quick closing.

5. Crossings

  • Quick assembly of the crosshead extension without tools.