Machinery Manufacturers Sector

Access solutions for machinery manufacturers

We specialize in the manufacture of platforms, access solutions, stools, stairs and accesses with aluminum back protection designed with a special focus on safety, durability and functionality.

Our products are meticulously designed to improve efficiency and safety in the workplace. Whether providing robust platforms for maintenance tasks or ensuring safe access to machinery, our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, allowing them to optimize their operations with confidence.

Aluminum walkway with platforms and machine access stairs

Set of solutions for access and maintenance of machinery.

Customer needs:

  • 1 – Standardization: The objective is, addressing the specific needs of the client, to convert this special condition into a referenced standard production model, in order to apply it to all its products. li>
  • 2 – Price: Our product becomes a consumable for the client, so it becomes part of its direct cost structure. Together we analyze all the possibilities to achieve a competitive price.
  • 3 – Service: The product is referenced, allowing the client to plan their purchase management at the agreed times.

General Description:

  • Modular railing around the entire external perimeter to avoid the risk of falls.
  • Movable access ladder for maintenance.
  • Equipped with double railing, 4 wheels with double stabilizer and front safety chains.
  • Special stool for access to the control panel.
  • Fixed 60° ladder for access to the machine loft, with double landing and turn to the right.
  • Vertical ladder with back protection rings to access the upper part of the machine.

Solutions for the Renewable Energy Sector

Walkway for maintenance of wind machinery.

We manufacture custom aluminum platforms designed to perfectly fit the hubs of wind turbines, providing safe, efficient and long-lasting maintenance. Our platforms are precisely designed to ensure safe access to the turbines, facilitating both maintenance and construction optimally.
Our solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and safety in the wind industry, thus contributing to the success and sustainability of renewable energy projects.

  • Walkway with 1 or 2 levels.
  • With stairs to change levels.
  • Protective railings around the perimeter.
  • Wheels option.

Set of platforms for tanks and boilers

Set of elevating and adjustable mobile platforms for maintenance and manufacturing of tanks and boilers

Set of custom-made, elevating and adjustable aluminum mobile platforms, specifically designed for the maintenance and manufacturing of large tanks and boilers.

These platforms offer a versatile and safe solution for accessing hard-to-reach areas, allowing efficient and precise work in demanding industrial environments. With a robust and adjustable design, our platforms guarantee the safety and comfort of operators, thus facilitating maintenance and manufacturing processes in large-scale projects.

  • Manual elevation with zipper system
  • Parallelogram access ladder that changes the inclination to adapt to the regulation
  • The set has 4 pieces:
    – 2 liftable , 1 with access
    – 2 gateways

Deposit maintenance platforms

Access and platform to access and work in large warehouses.

Access with a custom platform designed to adapt perfectly to any type of tank, facilitating its maintenance efficiently and safely. Our customized platform guarantees optimal access to the tank, allowing maintenance tasks to be carried out with comfort and precision. Solution designed to maximize efficiency and safety in any industrial environment.

  • Vertical access ladder
  • Protection railings
  • Access hatch

Fixed aluminum access ladder with press platform

Standardization of a range of fixed aluminum access ladders for manufacturers of hydraulic presses, with the aim of being able to carry out maintenance work.

Customer needs:

  • 1 – Standardization: We have designed a modular system optimized to cover heights from 2.5 to 8 meters until landing.
  • 2 – Prices : As in all industrialization processes, by standardizing the product for its use, it allows us to offer optimal prices, even if it is a special product
    exclusively for that sector.
  • 3 – Service: By having all the components in stock, all the material can be sent within 2 weeks. Furthermore, the coding of each ladder allows the
    press manufacturer to place the order quickly and efficiently.

General Description:

  • Modular system.
  • The initial section is extendable, and slides upwards. That way it doesn’t take up space when not in use.

Mobile platform

Mobile aluminum platform for machine maintenance

Mobile aluminum platform, designed for the maintenance of industrial machinery.

Equipped with four wheels and brakes for safe and convenient mobility, this platform offers easy and safe access to work areas. In addition, it has side doors for
fluent entry and exit.

  • 4 wheels with 4 x 4 brake system at the same time
  • Spring-loaded side doors for access

Fixed platforms for maintenance

These platforms offer a safe and efficient solution to access hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing optimal operation in industrial environments. Made from high quality aluminum, our platforms are durable and strong. With a modular and versatile design, they can be easily adapted to different types of machinery and work environments.

Fixed access stairs

Stairs equipped with railings to ensure safety at every step. Designed to provide reliable and stable access at different height levels, these ladders are ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum, our ladders offer durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding environments. Whether accessing warehouses, platforms or elevated work areas, our ladders provide a safe and efficient solution.

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