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ESLA Access Solutions

Experts in Access and Assembly for the Railway Industry

At ESLA, we are committed to excellence in access media technology for access. and assembly and work platforms in the field of trains. We are your comprehensive partner for solutions access and mounting, offering a wide range of products designed to meet your specific needs

Complete set of metal platform, with removable handrails to prevent falls and access via ladders to place on tracks, on pillars and allow maintenance work on automatic hitches. Removable railings. Brakes.
Rubber protections.

  • Liftable platform for work on the front of the train.
  • Different manual lifting systems.
  • Special wheels for movement along the track
  • Special wheels for rail.
  • Access with parallelogram scale with adjustable inclination adaptation.
  • Vertical access with extendable ladder.
  • Extendable front slats to cover all spaces.
  • Adjustable feet for pit.
  • Fixed and mobile aluminum platforms for railway maintenance.
  • With foldable front railings.
  • Front protection to avoid impacts with rubber
  • Triple wheel.
  • With 1 or 2 accesses.
  • Automatic doors.
  • Lower frame with accommodation for the blades of a forklift.
  • Liftable platforms.
  • Accesses with parallelogram ladder with adjustable adaptation of the inclination or vertical ladder.
  • Lateral cantilever to access the roof of the train.
  • Possibility of adding railings to protect the work space on the roof.
  • Leveling feet.
  • Triple wheels to ensure good transportability.
  • Possibility to add some accommodations to the frame so that it can be moved with a cart.
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