With our configurator we offer the possibility of designing individual solutions in a simple way and obtaining a quote quickly. With this system you can select the model you want, mobile platform, mezzanine with wall anchor, mobile bridge, work stool, vertical ladder with protections, mobile platform with cantilever, platform with floor anchor, light stool and ladder for vertical line. Modify it in 3D according to the properties and dimensions of the project, have a preview of the work, receive the corresponding quote and place the order.

How does it work?

  • Access the Configurator: Simply visit our website and click on the Configurator link. It is available for use at any time and from any device!
  • Customize your Designs: With intuitive CONFIGURATOR, you can choose the dimensions, style, materials and all the features you want for your staircase or platform in
  • 3D visualization: While you configure your product, you can instantly see how your changes are reflected in the 3D model on the screen.
  • Receive your Quote and Plans : In just 2 minutes, you will receive a detailed quote in your email, as well as a product plan with all exact measurements and a 3D representation of your design. It’s that simple!


  • Total Customization: Design your staircase or platform exactly as you need it, without compromises.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Get your quote and plans in a matter of minutes, without unnecessary waits.
  • Ease of Use: Our Configurator is intuitive and easy to use, without the need for design experience.
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