2001579 – Adjustable Height Mobile Aluminum Platform

Customer Need: “I am interested in finding a mobile platform for truck maintenance. I would need to be able to access different heights and have space for more than one person to work safely.”

ESLA Solution: Project 2001579 consists of a mobile aluminum platform to work around a truck, although it can also be used for other vehicles and activities. It is designed for two people to work simultaneously and is protected by safety handrails on both sides of the ladder and the platform. It has a manual height adjustment mechanism to work at different heights. Complies with EN 14122 standards.


  • Parallelogram ladder to adjust the inclination to the height.

  • Lever brake system to keep the platform stable and fixed.

  • Equipped with rubber protection.

  • Equipped with a side overhang to reduce the distance to the vehicle.

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